Temporary Fire Department Housing


Fire fighters have been risking their lives to protect others for centuries, while rarely receiving the credit or the the funding they deserve.  Often working out of fire houses that have been around for decades, these brave men and women are coming back to stations in need of major renovations.  Thankfully, the government now has acts in place to provide funds for departments to increase the standards of living for those who so selflessly give themselves for others.  However, this creates a problem.  Where do you house multiple shifts of fire fighters while their station is being rebuilt.


Industrial Housing Solution’s temporary fire department housing team has assisted multiple departments as they faced this very issue.  Whether it is a volunteer department looking for a cost effective and durable home for their volunteers or a multi-station fire department renovating many stations at once, IHS can provide a tailored temporary housing rental solution to meet your needs.


Fire fighters are tough, relentless and reliable…their housing needs to be as well.  However, we also understand it needs to be comfortable enough to relax and keep your team well rested.  Our bunk houses will comfortable sleep 10, but have room to house 20.  They provide 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a main living area and kitchen.  Each fire fighter will have their own space, storage and a place to relax during a hard shift.  This ensures your team will stay comfortable and rested for every new challenge.


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