Survey Crews

Survey crews are vital to the success of any construction or development growth.  Whether plotting land, taking samples or examining their surroundings, their job can take them anywhere in the world and Industrial Housing Solutions is here to provide shelter along the way.


Through our mobile trailers, survey crews can be ready to move at a moments notice.  No longer do they need to go into the field and back to a lab or office to complete their work, it can go with them. Providing your crew the mobile tools they need will greatly increase productivity, the speed of their results and their ability to move with the job.


If a crew plans to be on location for a length of time, one of our bunk house units will suit them perfectly.  They are able to house 10 people in five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a kitchen and a living space that easily converts to a work area.  No matter your need, Industrial Housing Solutions is here to create an individualized solution available anytime, anywhere.


Contact us today for a free quote – No matter where or what size, Industrial Housing Solutions will be there for you.

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