Oilfield Housing

Black gold – Oil has been a reason for expansion and growth many countries.  In North America, the Bakken Oilfield spanning North Dakota, Montana and Saskatchewan is creating jobs for hundreds of thousands of workers.  In addition to drilling in Texas, Alaska and multiple other locations, the oil business has never looked more promising.


Largely impart to the practice of fracking, shale gas has become a highly sought after resource.  However, there is a major issue holding back the further growth of this industry, where and how do you house the thousands of workers it takes to complete the intricate wells? Currently, many companies are paying high costs for their workers to stay at motels and hotels in the vicinity of the drill site.  This can lead to multiple problems such as a workers staying in uncontrolled environments, missing shifts due to oversleeping or simply not having hotels near the remote drill location.


Industrial Housing Solution has the answer – On-site oilfield housing for your employees.  With knowledge gained from 30 years of housing experience, we can build a man camp that is cost-effective and is as tough as your workers.  Whether you need to house 20 employees or thousands, we will provide a customized solution to meet your specific needs.


Our bunk houses will comfortable sleep 10 workers, but have room to house 20.  They provide 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a main living area and kitchen. Each worker will have their own space, storage and a place to relax after a hard shift.  This ensures your workers stay in a controlled environment and they will be rested for a new day of work.  The bottom line – Your expenses will decrease, while your productivity and safety increases.


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