Movie Set Trailers


From Hollywood, to New York and Atlanta, one aspect of filming never changes – Actors need somewhere to rest during a long day of shooting. Often used as a cross between an office for personal assistants, salon for hair and make up as well as a lounge for the stars, movie set trailers are a necessity for any location.


Our movie set trailers are designed to provide your stars the maximum amount of relaxation on set.  Whether they need to rehearse lines in the living room, eat something from the kitchen or take a nap in a private bedroom – their experience in one of our movie set trailers will allow them to be ready when, “Action!” is called.


Industrial Housing Solutions Movie Set Trailer Specifics


Luxury Movie Set Trailers

Luxury Movie Set Trailer

Luxury Movie Set Trailer 2

Platinum Movie Set Trailers

Platinum Movie Set Trailer 6

Platinum Movie Set Trailer 5
Platinum Movie Set Trailer 4
Platinum Movie Set Trailer 3
Platinum Movie Set Trailer
Platinum Movie Set Trailer 2

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