Motel Style Bunkhouses

In speaking with numerous oil companies and coal mining operations around the nation, we came to the understanding that sometimes a little separation in temporary housing can go a long way. Crews often spend 12 to 14 hours working side by side performing dangerous jobs in relentless conditions. Needless to say, this can create a little tension, even in the most cohesive teams. Therefore, we decided to create a line of motel style housing.


Motel style housing consists of a unit sectioned off into four separate bedrooms/living quarters. Each bedroom comes with its own bathroom, closet, bed, cable and internet hook ups, storage space and kitchenette. Plus, a personal HVAC and washer and dryer.


Because of this unique design, your crews will have the freedom to eat the food they want, keep the air conditioner at the temperature they want, and turn the lights off to sleep when they want.  This freedom will help to keep your workers morale high, allow them to maximize their down time and become fully rested to take on the challenges of the day to come.


If you are looking to house more than 4 people, the spacious rooms can easily fit one or even two sets of bunk beds.  Additionally, because each room has its own bathroom, washer and dryer, there will not be a strain on these amenities as there can be in other styles of housing. This allows you to maximize each room and house up to 16 people per home.


Whether looking to house management or simply provide a little more room and privacy for your workers, motel style housing is the perfect blend of durability and comfort. Finally your crew will have a place to call their own.

Motel Style Housing - Four Bedroom Housing with Individual Baths and Kitchenettes


  • 5 bedroom oilfield housing
  • 4 bedroom oilfield housing - 3
  • 4 bedroom oilfield housing - 2
  • 4 bedroom oilfield housing - 4
  • 4 Bedroom Oilfield Housing - 5
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