Bunkhouse Construction


All Industrial Housing Solutions manufactured homes are ruggedly built and energy efficient.


Bunkhouse Construction - Fiberglass Heat DuctsFiberglass Heat Ducts — Graded Lumber

Fiberglass Insulated Ducts have an R-Factor of 4.3, help eliminate any radiant heat loss and create a whisper quite duct system.

Graded Lumber has a lower moisture content which helps eliminate the chance or warping. Fewer knots make stronger lumber.


Bunkhouse Construction - R-19 Insulation2×6 Exterior Walls with R-19 Insulation

2×6 Exterior Walls increase the strength of your home and allows for extra insulation.

R-19 Insulation gives a warm blanket of insulation and saves energy.


Bunkhouse Construction - O.S.B. Wrapped WallsExterior Walls are Wrapped in O.S.B. with Metal Strapping on the Sidewalls – All O.S.B. Seams are Caulked.

O.S.B. increases the sidewall strength and the overall structure of the home.

Metal Strapping on the sidewall adds additional strength.

Caulked Seams helps eliminate air infiltration.


Bunkhouse Construction - Window CaulkingCaulking Around All Windows

Caulking a the windows helps reduce air infiltration and drafts.


Bunkhouse Construction - Insulation at Marriage LineCenter Insulation at Marriage Line

3-1/2″ of Insulation seals the unit where both halves are attached.


Bunkhouse Construction - BafflesBunkhouse Construction - Thermal Pane WindowsBaffles in the Roof Cavity – Thermal Pane, Argon Filled Windows

Baffles create air flow in the attic that helps eliminate winter ice build up and cools the roof in the summer.

Low E, Argon Filled, Thermal Pane Windows are very energy efficient and meet Energy Star approval.


Bunkhouse Construction - Tongue and Groove DeckingTongue and Groove O.S.B. Floor Decking

O.S.B. Flooring is one of the strongest, most durable decking materials available creating a long lasting even floor.


Bunkhouse Construction - Laminated Veneer Lumber BeamsLaminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) Beams

LVL Beams are used in all high stress areas to give increased support and help insure a stronger unit. LVL Beams are 2.5 stronger than a normal stud of the same size.


Bunkhouse Construction - Ice and Water BarrierIce & Water Barrier

Four Layers of Ice & Water Protection are installed 3′ up from the edge of the roof and create a barrier which helps prevent water penetration.


Bunkhouse Construction - O.S.B. Roof DeckingO.S.B. Roof Decking

O.S.B. Roof Decking is a superior product that is extremely durable and will provide years of service.


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