Housing During Firehouse Construction

Firetruck Fire Housing Over the past decade, the number of firehouses that have received federal grants has risen dramatically. These buildings, a lot of which are in very bad condition, have been overlooked for so long but now it seems the tide is turning for the watchmen in red. It truly is an amazing service that these brave men and women carry out on a daily basis, purely for the sake of our safety. It is a great thing that now they are gaining the funds to be able to remodel their firehouses which once were in such bad condition. The problem with a firehouse remodel, or firehouse construction in general, is housing for the firefighters who have to remain on location and in service. At Industrial Housing Solutions, we are committed to providing the necessary housing during firehouse construction. With over 37 years in the housing industry, we have the inventory as well as the expertise to handle any housing need that comes our way. Whether the need for housing is one month or one year, Industrial Housing Solutions will be ready and willing to provide for your comfort. The importance of housing during firehouse construction goes far beyond what the average citizen would think about. These men and women are here to serve us, and to be able to do that, they need to have access to their equipment on an everyday basis. Here at Industrial Housing Solutions, we would like to provide the service of being able to house those firefighters that protect us, safely and comfortably, for the duration of their remodel.

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