Government & Military Housing

In the ever growing military and government services there is always one logistical issue – Where and how to keep up with the increasing demand for government and military housing?


Whether creating additional military housing on base or upgrading existing structures, renovations on take time and also take homes away from soldiers or families during the rebuild.  Industrial Housing Solutions is ready to meet your needs and provide durable and cost-effective bunkhouses for soldiers or temporary homes for families.


While off base, government officials and the military are often the emergency management in charge for disaster situations. IHS is committed to providing shelter for soldiers responding to all forms of disasters, creating a temporary command posts for those in charge, and housing government staff assisting in the management.


Our bunkhouses will comfortably sleep a team of 10, but have room to house 20.  They provide 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a main living area and kitchen. Each soldier or staff member will have their own space, storage and a place to relax after a hard shift.  This ensures your team will stay in a controlled environment and they will be rested for a new day of work.  The bottom line – Your team will be rested, productive and vigilant.


Our three bedroom mobile home comes standard with two bathrooms, a full kitchen, living room and a washer and dryer. With enough space to for long term living and high quality appliances to enhance the home, it is a great option for housing military families.


Contact us today for a free quote – No matter where or what size, Industrial Housing Solutions will be there for you.

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