Forest Service Housing

Before it was an industry, the forestry services was originally a way of life and has been literally shaping the course of history one log at a time.


Often dangerous and in remote locations, logging has been the back bone of the expansion and growth for many countries. Timber logging has provided building materials, fuel for fires and paper for correspondence. Though the industry is now encompassing restoration and alternative energy projects,  the toughness of those in the hostile environments has never changed.  However, as the industry begins to grow once again, employers must now find forest service housing to keep up with the employment demand.


Due to the isolated locations, using hotels as forest service housing can create problems when hotels are often hours away from the work site. Employees lodging in hotels can lead to other complications such as over sleeping, missing their rides or causing damage to their rooms. Industrial Housing Solutions is committed to creating cost-effective and durable bunk houses for your staff to remain on-site.


Our traditional bunkhouse offer 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a kitchen and living area.  Housing 10 people comfortably, your employees will have a place to relax, rest and call their own. Your staff will be more rested and vigilant for their next shift, increasing safety and productivity overall. Forest service housing does not get better than this. No matter where your operation takes you or how large your staff, IHS can create a customized solution to meet your needs.


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