Emergency Medical Services Housing

Hurricanes, tornadoes and earth quakes rarely leave standing structures in their path. Because of this, few things are as important in a disaster situation as emergency medical services housing.  Medical staff needs to be on site, able to secure a location and have the ability to begin accepting patients as quickly as possibly.


At Industrial Housing Solutions we recognize the immediate need for a mobile surgery center and a location to comfortably house injured victims.  Our five bedroom bunk house can be converted into a five room mobile clinic with the living room transformed to a waiting area. 


If a five bedroom bunkhouse is larger than you need, one of our homes with 2 bedrooms, a living room and an office might be a better fit. The front office can be used for admitting patients and tracking files while the two large bedrooms can be converted into patient rooms.


The traditional five bedroom bunk house is also an excellent way to provide on-site emergency medical services housing for doctors, surgeons and medical staff. The five bedrooms, five bathrooms, kitchen and living area will comfortably sleep 10 and give your staff somewhere to relax after a long day.


For added privacy, you could consider a four bedroom motel style of housing. This provides each occupant with their own bathroom, bedroom, HVAC, living area and kitchenette.  Most importantly, each room has its own exterior door allowing your team to come and go without disturbing anyone else. 


We are committed to providing you with an individually tailored solution to meet your specific needs. Contact us for a free estimate today – Our job is to help you, so you can focus on helping others.


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