Temporary Disaster Housing

Nature is dynamic  – Always changing, always moving and unfortunately it is often destructive. From the blaze of forest fires in the Northwest, the force of earth quakes in California, to the waves of hurricanes along the coast, and tornado in Texas – temporary disaster housing is in demand regardless of the season.   Victims of natural disasters are often left with nothing for months while their home and lives are being rebuilt.  With over 35 years of temporary housing experience, Industrial Housing Solutions has the knowledge and products available to provide comfortable and cost-effective temporary disaster housing to those in need.  Even in their darkest hour, everyone should have a place to call home.    At Industrial Housing Solutions we understand  emergency management teams have the important task of coordinating with military and volunteers to provide rescue, safety and shelter for those who have suffered from a natural disaster. Whether it is providing housing for multiple families or creating a command center for your personnel, IHS is ready and committed to create a customized solution to meet your needs.     Our three bedroom and two bath mobile home is large enough to allow family members to have their own space, while the spacious living room provides them an area to come together.  Plus, with the full kitchen, the family will feel like they are living in the home and not a motel.   If the site requires a smaller footprint, one of our Elite Travel Trailers will fit perfectly! With two bedrooms, a hide-a-bed couch, one restroom, living room and kitchen area, the Elite Travel Trailer is large scale living with a small scale design.   Contact us today to receive a free quote – We are here to help you as you help...

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Coal Mine Housing

Coal is here to stay  – For years the world has relied on coal for everything from energy production, powering trains and providing fuel for cooking.  Coal has been an intriqual part of our lives and from the projected 100,000 terawatt hours it is expected to generate between 2011 – 2020, coal is not going anywhere any time soon.   One thing has never changed, coal mining is dangerous and often takes place in remote locations.  This can cause a major logistical issue for employees trying to get to the mine before shift or home after multiple hours of manual labor.  A cost effective and industry leading solution is to provide on-site housing for your workers.   By providing a man camp for your workers to stay at, they will have a place to relax after shift and an area to call their own.  Plus, a well rested employee will lead to better productivity and increased safety. Industrial Housing Solution understands the demand that can be placed on housing. It is our passion to provide comfortable and durable coal mine housing to keep your employees safe and rested.  IHS has over 30 years experience and is committed to providing an individualized solution to meet your specific needs.   Contact us today to receive a free quote – Allow us to focus on your housing, so you can focus on growing your...

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