Bunkhouses with Offices

In industries where field work is conducted in the mountains or other remote locations, finding housing for managers and cooperate officers can be difficult. While traditional workforce housing is sufficient for your crews on-site, managers also require office space to effectively accomplish their job.


Likewise, when it is time to renovate or rebuild a fire station, a modular home is the perfect option to house your firefighters. But, housing with an office is the solution for you when your station acts as civic building and has administrative areas as well.


These extremely spacious models are the perfect house for crews of two or management who also need an office to maintain day-to-day duties. The large bedrooms come with a private bathroom, closet, cable and internet connections.  The house’s oversized living room, dining room and kitchen, along with a washer, dryer, electrical and HVAC to allow your crew to feel at home for extended periods of time. The attached office provides quick access and flexibility for any work related need – Even in the most rural locations.


Our homes are built with American made solid steel I-Beam frames, full length outriggers, large windows, acoustic blown ceilings and vinyl covered sheetrock. Ruggedly crafted to stand the test of time – or your crew.

Two Bedrooms, Two Bathrooms, Kitchen, Living Room and an Office


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  • Bunkhouse with Office
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