Bunkhouse Travel Trailers

Due to the nature of mining, searching for oil, and forestry services, your crews can be called to extremely remote locations.  When paved roads are limited and the terrain is difficult, moving traditional workforce housing on location can prove to be difficult.  Even for a fire department, where paved roads are easily accessible, there may not be enough room to have a mobile home for their on-site housing.  When this is the case, one of our travel trailers are perfect for those tight fitting locations.


Elite Travel Trailers

Our Elite Travel Trailers are specially designed for long term living and are ready to house your crew in any situation.  Boasting two bedrooms, one bathroom, full size kitchen, living room, dinette, washer and dryer, refrigerator and a couch that pulls out into a hide-a-bed. Plus, with a footprint of only 8′ x 40′ your crew can have full size living accommodations in a space saving option.




Bunkhouse Travel Trailers

If space is an issue, but you need to house several people, our Bunkhouse Travel Trailers were built for you. With an 8′ x 49′ footprint, our Bunkhouse model was designed to house 8 people comfortably. The two bedrooms and bathrooms allow the crew members easy access to their own quarters, the kitchen provides them a place to cook, and the living area gives them a place to relax.


Oilfield Bunkhouse Trailer


Our travel trailers are located nationwide and can be on-site quickly. Comfortable and durable – our travel trailers provide temporary housing for your crews to feel at home in any situation.  However, if you have a special request, call us today and we can custom build a trailer for you.


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