Bathroom and Shower Units

Let’s be honest, after a long shift of labor intensive work, the last thing anyone wants to do is hang around a dirty and sweaty team. Dedicated bathroom and shower units are the perfect solution. Your team can stay refreshed and ready to take on a new day of challenges without sacrificing the already limited space in their housing.


Standard Bathroom and Shower Unit Combination


Our standard bathroom and shower units have six personal bathrooms complete with a sink, toilet and shower. By combining the bathroom and shower, your crew will have the amenities of a full size bathroom while using a smaller footprint. With multiple bathroom and shower combinations available, we can create a solution to fit any location.

bathroom and shower units

Elite Bathroom and Shower Unit Combination


If space is not the issue, but maximum usage is, our workforce bathroom and shower units are the solution for you. By sectioning off the eight shower stalls from the main restroom, your crews do not limit the number of toilets available by taking a shower.  This unit also comes with the option of a separate restroom and shower area specifically designed for wheelchair access or extending the traditional shower and restroom area to increase the capacity.


Bathroom and Shower Units Combo


Stand Alone Bathroom Units


Whether the job site is in an oil field in Texas or a baseball field in Michigan, sometimes the only thing you need is a place for your crew to use the restroom.  When this is the case, a stand alone bathroom unit is the unit for you.  As seen below, the units come split into male and female restrooms boasting ten stalls and four sinks over all.


Stand Alone Bathroom


Whether a steel container, travel trailer or skid unit, our bathroom and shower units are perfect for any space and ready to handle any environment – or team. Request a free quote today, so your team can smell good tomorrow.



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