Wolfcamp Shale

Oilfield Housing in Wolfcamp Shale

While increased drilling in Wolfcamp might be a new commodity, the lack of housing in the Permian Basin is not.  Companies looking to capitalize on the recent discoveries are going to be competition for local infrastructure with the other formations in the basin.  On-site oilfield housing in Wolfcamp Shale not only eliminates this issue, but can decrease your costs as well.  Allowing your crew to stay on-site reduces travel time, provides a more stable living environment and can increase your employees productivity as the have more time to rest. Whether you need a single 3 Bedroom Bunkhouse or a full camp of Motel Style Housing, we create a custom lease solution to meet your needs. We bring the housing to you.


History of Wolfcamp Shale

The Wolfcamp Shale formation is located in the heart of the Permian Basin and was first discovered almost 100 years ago. Since then, oil companies have been drilling through the formation to get to other “more productive” shale formations. However, in the recent years, many oil companies have been purchasing hundreds of thousands of acres in the area as more research has completed. They have found that rather than a single layer of shale, the Wolfcamp formation has several layers that can be drilled. According to Pioneer Natural Resources, by nearly doubling the estimated recoverable resources of Eagle Ford and quadrupling the estimate of Bakken, Wolfcamp Shale is now expected to be the largest producing shale play in the United States .  Wolfcamp maybe highly unknown to this point, but it is set to have a major impact on the oil industry.


Oilfield Housing in Wolfcamp Shale

Wolfcamp Shale Oil Estimates

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