Permian Basin

Oilfield Housing in the Permian Basin

The basin has been producing oil and natural gas since 1925…unfortunately the infrastructure for oilfield housing in the Permian Basin seems as if it has not been updated since then. As fracking has significantly rejuvenated the basin, there has been a rapid influx of oilfield workers looking for housing in the area. When hotels are being booked to capacity for months at a time and off-site man camps can been hours from the actual drill site, it’s time to look for another option. Our oilfield housing in the Permian Basin allows your workers to stay on-site, reduces their travel time, decreases your expenses and allows them to be more rested for the next day’s work. Whether you need a single 8 Person Bunkhouse Trailer, a camp of 5 Bedroom Bunkhouses or a custom built product, we’re here for you!


History of the Permian Basin

Located primarily in west Texas, the Permian Basin is approximately 250 miles wide by 300 miles long and stretches into southeast New Mexico. The basin’s name is derived from the Permian Period in which the area was covered by the Permian Sea. The evaporation of the sea left the basin as one of the thickest deposits of Permian rock in the world and led to a surplus of potassium salt which began being mined in 1931. The first oil well was drilled in 1925 and became the discovery well for the Westbrook Field. Since then, the Permian Basin has produced over 29 billion barrels of oil with over 312 million barrels produced in 2012. As experts believe the basin has not yet produced 50% of the recoverable oil and natural gas under its surface, the Permian Basin will have a long future.



Oilfield Housing in the Permian Basin

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