Haynesville Shale

Oilfield Housing in Haynesville Shale

Whether you call it Hayesville Shale or Bossier Shale, one thing is for sure, you are going to need somewhere for your crews to stay. With hotels being booked to capacity and man camps often being hours from the drill site, on-site oilfield housing in Haynesville Shale allows your workforce to stay on location. By eliminating their travel time you can decrease your expenses and increase their rest time, which can lead to higher productivity throughout the day.  From a single 8 Person Bunkhouse Trailer to a fully built camp of 5 Bedroom Bunkhouses or Bunkhouses with Offices, we can create a custom lease solution to meet your needs.


History of Haynesville Shale

Haynesville Shale derives its name from Haynesville, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana and covers an estimated area of 9,000 square miles underneath east Texas, west Louisiana and southwest Arkansas. Haynesville Shale is also commonly referred to as Bossier Shale because of two separate naming conventions of Texas and Louisiana. Originally thought of as a nonproductive section, operators drilled through it using conventional techniques to reach lower formations. However, with the introduction of horizontal drilling in the 1980’s, Haynesville Shale and similar unconventional reservoirs suddenly became a great source of natural gas. In January 2013 Haynesville produced 6.2 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day equalling 9.3% of the gas produced in the United States.


Oilfield Housing in Haynesville Shale

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